Advanced Database & Application Migration (ADAM) can migrate databases and applications to Alibaba Cloud or Apsara Stack.

You can use ADAM in the following scenarios:

  • IT system migration to the cloud

    Traditional IT systems adopt an architecture that consists of IBM minicomputers, databases, and EMC storage. To expand traditional IT systems, you must deploy more hardware. Hardware deployments provide better performance at a prohibitive cost. However, the Internet-based distributed architecture supports smooth scaling, and improves performance at a low hardware cost.

    ADAM provides one-stop migration services to transform IT systems from the traditional architecture to the Internet-based distributed architecture. Before migration, ADAM analyzes migration feasibility, provides suggestions on the selection of destination storage services, and estimates application transformation costs. ADAM also provides suggestions on application transformation and migration, and implements cutover migration to minimize the application downtime.

  • IT system migration within the cloud

    Your IT system is deployed on the cloud and all data is stored in ApsaraDB RDS. As the business grows, you may need larger storage space. You must replace the original storage system with a new one, or use a new storage service in addition to the original one. For example, you use MaxCompute to store historical data and AnalyticDB to store statistics instead of using only ApsaraDB RDS. In this case, ADAM provides suggestions on the selection of destination storage services and the transformation of applications.