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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018

The following table lists the major documents of Alibaba Cloud products.

Document nameDescriptionTarget audience
Product IntroductionBriefly introduces the product, including its architecture, features, benefits, and scenarios.Beginner
PricingDescribes the product price, billing policy and calculation method, overdue payment policy, and retention policy of instances and data. Financial personnel
Quick StartDescribes how to create an instance (including buying, renewal, configuration change, release, and other lifecycle related details), how to initialize the product, and related restrictions. Beginner
User GuideProvides the complete product functions, operation guide, and typical use cases. Developer
Best PracticesDescribes application of the product in typical scenarios, including the scenario introduction, system architecture, and practice solutions. Senior developer
Developer GuideDescribes the product-supported secondary development modes in details, including the APIs and SDKs, and call methods and demos of each mode. Developer
FAQProvides typical problems and troubleshooting methods. All personnel