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Return results

Last Updated: Aug 13, 2018

All HTTP responses are in JSON format, with the following common fields:

Parametr Type Required Description
code Int Yes Error code, consistent with HTTP status code(though expandable). 2xx means success; 4xx indicates request error; 5xx indicates backend error. Please refer to section 1.3 for more details
msg String Yes Further description of the error
requestId String Yes Unique identification of a request, for debugging issues
data String/JSON No Response data (business related). Upon error, it’s empty. It is usually in JSON or Array format.

Error code

200 OK successful invocation
280 PROCESSING task is being processed. User may wait a bit (e.g. 5 sec) before query again
400 BAD_REQUEST bad request
401 NOT_ALLOWED such as unsafe download link of images
404 NOT_FOUND image moderation result not found
480 DOWNLOAD_FAILED failed to download images or videos
500 GENERAL_ERROR usually about server side temporary error
580 DB_FAILED database operation error
581 TIMEOUT timeout
585 CACHE_FAILED cache failed
586 ALGO_FAILED algorithm failed
587 MQ_FAILED middleware error
588 EXCEED_QUOTA exceed quota
589 TOO_LARGE too large size
590 BAD_FORMAT bad format
591 CONNECTION_POOL_FULL size of image is too large
592 DOWNLOAD_TIMEOUT timeout when downloading, the default timeout setting is 3s
594 EXPIRED tasks expired
595 CATCH_FRAME_FAILED frame cutting failed