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Public Request Parameters

Last Updated: Apr 27, 2018

HTTP Header

All HTTP requests contain the following common header (HTTP header):

HTTP Header Type Required Description
Accept String Yes Accepted response type; only supports JSON: application / json
Content-Type String Yes Request body data type; only supports JSON: application / json
Content-MD5 String Yes Calculated based on the request body, md5 encryption is performed first, then base64 encoding
Date String Yes GMT DateTime format; e.g.:Tue, 17 Jan 2017 10:16:36 GMT
x-acs-version String Yes Content Monitoring API version,current version:2017-01-12
x-acs-signature-nonce String Yes Random String, for defending re-play attack
x-acs-signature-version String Yes Signature version, currently 1.0
x-acs-signature-method String Yes Signature method, only support HMAC-SHA1 currently
Authorization String Yes Authentication, format as: “acs ” + AccessKeyId + “:” + signature. AccessKeyId can be applied from the Ali Cloud console. Please refer to section 1.2 for signature algorithm.

Query parameters

All HTTP access requests carry the following query parameters:

Field Type Required Description
clientInfo STRING NO The client information serialized from the ClientInfo JSON structure, which includes such information as UMID and IMEI. For more information, see the following table.

ClientInfo includes the following fields:

Field Type Required Description
sdkVersion STRING NO SDK version. This field is required when the API is called by an SDK.
cfgVersion STRING NO Configuration version. This field is required when the API is called by an SDK.
userType STRING NO User account type. Its value range is [“taobao”, “others”].
userId STRING NO User ID, which identifies a unique user.
userNick STRING NO User nickname
avatar STRING NO User profile photo
imei STRING NO Hardware device code
imsi STRING NO Operator device code
umid STRING NO Device fingerprint
ip STRING NO This must be a public IP address. If it is not filled in a request, the server attempts to obtain it from the hyperlink or HTTP header. If the request is initiated from the device side, this field can be left blank. If the request is initiated from the backend, this IP address is the user’s logon IP address or the public IP address of the device.
os STRING NO Device operating system, such as “Android 6.0.”
channel Channel ID NO Channel ID
hostAppName STRING NO Name of the hosting application
hostPackage STRING NO Package name of the hosting application
hostVersion STRING NO Version of the hosting application