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How to use cloud products in a VPC?

Last Updated: Jan 02, 2018

How to choose to use VPC?

A VPC is an isolated private network. By default, VPCs cannot communicate with each other over the intranet. ECS instances in a VPC cannot access the Internet or be accessed from Internet, and a VPC cannot access a classic network through the intranet. But most of Alibaba Cloud products provide capabilities of both Internet access and intranet access, more than 95% of the cloud products support VPCs.

Note: The network type must be the same for the cloud product instances requiring intranet communication. For example, if a VPC ECS instance needs to access a Server Load Balancer instance and an RDS instance through the intranet, the network type of the Server Load Balancer and RDS must also be VPC and belong to a same VPC. Otherwise, they cannot communicate with each other.

The ways to use VPC are different for different cloud products.

  • Select VPC on the purchase page

    This approach mainly applies to instance-type cloud products, such as ECS, RDS, and Server Load Balancer. The purchase pages of such cloud products offer an option to select the network type.

    • The following figure shows the network type option on the ECS purchase page.

      ECS purchase page

    • The following figure shows the network type option on the RDS purchase page.

      RDS purchase page

    • The following figure shows the network type option on the Server Load Balancer purchase page.

      SLB purchase page

  • Select the VPC access on the console

    This approach applies to the cloud products such as Table Store, Container Service, E-MapReduce and NAS.

    You can set a VPC access domain for Table Store instances on the Table Store console. For Container Service and E-MapReduce, you can select a VPC when creating a cluster on the console. The Network Attached Storage product provides the VPC mount point.

  • Check the VPC access endpoint through documentation

    For cloud products, such as Log Service and OSS, refer to the following documents:

How to switch the network type?

  • Some instance-type cloud products support the switching of network types. For example, you can switch the network type of an RDS instance on the console.

  • ECS products will also be able to switch from the classic network to VPC.

  • Server Load Balancer does not support switching from the classic network to VPC. As an alternative, you can purchase a VPC instance.

    Note that some cloud products, such as CDN and Situation Awareness, do not need VPC.

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