The fees for using Quick BI are charged based on the number of users and the subscription period that you select. When you use Quick BI to make or view reports, user quotas are consumed. You need to purchase a user quota based on your business needs. For information about how to purchase the Quick BI service, see Purchases, upgrades, downgrades, renewals, and overdue payments.

The shortest subscription period offered for Quick BI is one year. You can select the number of users and subscription period based on your business needs. When the subscription is about to expire, the system notifies you to renew Quick BI.
Notice Important The system may send you notifications that you have overdue payments. When this occurs, please clear all overdue payments to avoid instances being released. Please note that your instances may be released at a system-selected time after the payment due date.

Quick BI Pro

Quick BI Pro provides the following features:

  • Group workspaces.
  • Access to Alibaba Cloud databases, which include DLA, Hive, OSS, DRDS, AnalyticDB for MySQL 3.0, Presto, PolarDB for MySQL, TSDB, and Hbase.
  • Access to user-created databases, which include Hive, Vertica, SAP IQ (Sybase IQ), SAP HANA, IBM DB2 LUW, Presto, and Hbase.
  • Cloud database and auto discovery.
  • Local file upload: uploads local files to four types of databases.
  • Data modeling: builds data models by using cross-workspace replication
  • Forms (beta).
  • Standard dashboard components: provides the compound query control, expanded filter bar, sankey diagram, waterfall chart, ranking board, and ticker board, in addition to the components provided in Quick BI Basic.
  • Workbooks: provides single-sheet workbooks.
  • BI portals.
  • Dashboard publishing and sharing.
  • Email subscription.
  • Third-party report embedment
  • Integration with DingTalk.
  • Collaborative editing.
  • Row-level permissions.
  • Log auditing.
  • Service specifications: provides online technical support services in DingTalk groups eight hours a day for five days a week.

Quick BI Enterprise Standard

Quick BI Enterprise Standard provides the following features:

  • Data modeling: supports cross-source queries.
  • Standard dashboard components: provides the circular bar, pivot table, 3D-LBS bubble map, 3D-LBS heat map, and 3D-LBS flying line map, in addition to the components provided in Quick BI Pro.
  • Workbooks: provides multi-sheet workbooks, visualized charts, and data filtering by using the filter bar widget.
  • Full-screen dashboards.
  • Query acceleration engine (beta).
  • Monitoring alerts (beta).
  • Downloads (beta).
  • IntelligentQ.
  • Service specifications: provides easier access to data analysis workshops.

Billing methods

The following table lists the billing methods of different Quick BI editions. The actual price is displayed in your order.
Edition Number of users Subscription period
Pro 50 One year
Two years
100 One year
Two years
150 One year
Two years
200 One year
Two years
Enterprise Standard 100 One year
Two years
200 One year
Two years
300 One year
Two years