Quick BI charges fees according to the number of users in the account and duration of service use. User quota is consumed through both the making and viewing of reports.  You need to buy the appropriate number of users as you need.  If you want to buy this product, see Purchase, upgrade, and renew.

Each purchased Quick BI instance can be active for up to one year.  When your Quick BI instance is about to expire, the system sends a message prompting you to consider renewing your Quick BI services.

If you do not renew your Quick BI product before its expiration date, your resources are retained for seven days from the point of expiration. If you do not renew the Quick BI product within these seven days, your resources are released, and all data except for files are removed and cannot be recovered. For more details about product expiration, see Overdue payments.

Quick BI is available in two versions, which have different billing methods.

  • Quick BI Pro
  • Quick BI Professional

Quick BI Pro

You select the number of users and service length. Then, the system automatically calculates the price.

Quick BI Professional

The service length of a Quick BI Professional account is fixed at one year. You select the number of users, and the system automatically calculates the price.