In this use case, a leader in the apparel industry adopted a hybrid cloud solution based on Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS) to build a real-time monitoring system for its retail industry.

  • The original monitoring platform for this customer adopted a traditional commercial Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) database, with considerable license expenditure.
  • In addition, it cannot meet business needs in terms of scalability and real-time performance.

ARMS-based retail monitoring solution

The following figure shows the overall architecture.

  • Transaction logs are uploaded in real time to LogHub of Alibaba Cloud Log Service by using Logtail.
  • The ARMS real-time application monitoring function connects to LogHub for computing and storage, and uses its interactive dashboard to perform real-time analysis and display sales data. The following information is displayed:
    • Computing orchestration and storage: Extracts detailed data of each transaction from logs, including data on the total price and number of items, and then aggregates the data according to multiple dimensions, such as the transaction location, sales company name, and customer membership information.
    • Interactive presentation: Presents the sales status and analysis on various types of cases according to multiple dimensions, such as region, store, member, and product category.
  • The data generated by ARMS is delivered to the downstream DataV component for dashboard presentation.

Business value of the ARMS-based monitoring system

  • It decreases the total costs of operation (TCO) by hundreds of times, and achieves high-timeliness multidimensional analysis. It can not only help you grasp frontline sales details in real time, but also help you cope with challenges through sales and inventory configuration policies.
  • It can also meet the needs in multiple scenarios. The DataV dashboard is used for overall presentation in the monitoring room, and the interactive ARMS dashboard is used for in-depth troubleshooting.