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Aliyun Linux 17.01 (Golden Toad)

Last Updated: Dec 05, 2018

Aliyun Linux 17.01 (Golden Toad) has the following features.

  • Integrated with Linux kernel 4.4 maintained by the Alibaba Cloud kernel group

    • Supports swap space compression to guarantee a significant I/O reduction.
    • Supports kpatch, a hot patching feature. No need to restart the instance to upgrade the kernel.
    • Supports kdump for virtual machines with large memory (3 TB at the most).
    • Supports automatic NUMA.
    • Improves the performance of getting timestamps in user mode using vsyscall page.
    • Comprehensively supports Docker technology stacks.
    • Supports paravirtual (PV) panic event interface, facilitating cloud users to quickly locate kernel problems.
    • Provides the lockless TCP listener that is re-designed with the anti-SYN flooding attack capability elevated by two to three orders of magnitude.
  • Efficient creation and start

    The instance is created based on the virtualization-level optimized stack to effectively reduce the time required for creating a virtual machine. The OS is equipped with Alibaba Cloud custom boot services to improve the boot rate, so that the time needed from instance creation to logon is 30 seconds or less.

  • File systems

    The following file systems are newly supported: XFS, Btrfs, AUFS, and OverlayFS.

  • Brand new tool chain

    GCC 4.8.x glibc 2.17 GDB 7.6.1.

  • Improved security

    • OpenSSH supports logon by using the chroot shell, but the user logon is within a limited root file system.
    • OpenSSH supports specifying multiple verification conditions to enhance logon access.
  • Compatible with CentOS 7.2

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