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Scheduling resource management

Last Updated: Mar 27, 2018

In the project management module of the Alibaba Cloud DTplus platform, you can manage and configure the scheduling resources of the current project.

When the response performance of default scheduling resources cannot meet your business demands, you can purchase ECS and configure it as a scheduling resource to improve the efficiency of running scheduling tasks. Scheduling resources consist of several physical machines or ECSs for running scheduling tasks.

The project administrator can modify and Add scheduling resources by navigating to Project Configuration > Scheduling Resource Management.

Item Description

  • Resource name: The name of the scheduling resource group, which consists of letters (a-z), underscores(_), and numbers (0-9) with a length no greater than 60 characters. Once created, the name cannot be changed.

  • Network type: The network type used by the ECS server added as a scheduling resource. The types include VPC and classic networks.

  • Server: The name of the server contained in the current scheduling resource.

  • Default scheduling resource: The default scheduling resource is a tag for marking whether the current scheduling resource is a default scheduling resource. By default, scheduling tasks are submitted to this resource group. Only one default scheduling resource is allowed in a project.

  • Operations:

    • Initialize the server: As an admin of the corresponding ECS, after an ECS server is configured, modify the configuration as prompted in the interface. For more information, see Add scheduling resources.

    • Manage the server: Manage the server of the current scheduling resource, including adding or deleting a server and changing the maximum number of concurrent server tasks.

  • Change the default resource: Change the default scheduling resource that includes specifying a scheduling resource in the current project as a default scheduling resource.

Note: Change of the default scheduling resource affects all the tasks. Proceed with caution.

  • Add scheduling resources: Adds scheduling resource groups.


    • Classic network: IP addresses are centrally allocated by Alibaba Cloud. Classic networks are easy to configure and use. Therefore, this network type is suitable for users who demand simplified operation and need to use the ECS quickly.

    • VPC: A VPC is a logically isolated private network. Network topologies and IP addresses can be customized. VPC supports private line connection and is suitable for users who are familiar with network management.

Common operation

For more information, see Add Scheduling Resources.