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Project member management

Last Updated: Apr 10, 2018

On the Project Member Management page under the Project Management module of the Alibaba Cloud DTplus platform, you can manage and configure members of the current project.

Page description

Click Project Member Manage in the left-side navigation pane on the Project Management page to enter the Project Member Management page.


  • Member name: The alias/nick name of the member. The member name is the Alibaba Cloud account currently logged on by default.

  • Login name: The Alibaba Cloud account currently logged on.

  • Member role: The role of a member in the current DataWorks project (project administrator, developer, maintenance personnel, deployer, or guest).

  • Action type: The actions that can be performed on members by the current user. Currently, the available operation is Remove from this project (this permission is only available to the project administrator) to remove a member from the current project. (You cannot perform the “Remove from this project” on the project administrator.)

  • Add members: The system can synchronize all the sub-user accounts under the main account and provide the searching and filtering functions. You can select one or more matched items in the search result and set roles for them in batch. Then, you can add selected members to the project, and these members can perform other data and project operations in the current project.

Roles and permissions description

The permissions of different project roles are as follows.

DataWorks role Platform permission feature MaxCompute role MaxCompute data permission
Project administrator The administrator of the project who can manage basic properties and data sources of the current project, the configuration of computing engines and project members of the current project, and grant the project administrator, developer, maintenance personnel, deployer, and guest to project members. role_project_admin All the permissions of project/table/fuction/resource/instance/job/volume/offlinemodel/package
Developer Developer users can create workflows, script files, resources, and UDFs, create, or delete tables, and create release packages, but cannot perform the release operation. role_project_dev All the permissions of project/fuction/resource/instance/job/volume/offlinemodel/package/table
Maintenance personnel Maintenance users are granted with permissions by the project administrator and have release and online maintenance permissions, but do not have the data development permission. role_project_pe All the permissions of project/function/resource/instance/job/offlinemodel, the read permission of volume/package, and the read/describe permissions of table
Deployer The deployer is similar to the maintenance personnel, but does not have the online maintenance permission. role_project_deploy No permissions by default
Guest Guest users only have the viewing permission and have no permissions for editing workflows and codes. role_project_guest No permissions by default

View permissions

In a MaxCompute_SQL task, you can run the following statements to view your permissions:

  1. show grants - View permissions of the current user
  2. show grants for <username> - View permissions of a specified user, which is only available to the project administrator.

For more permission viewing commands, see Permission check.