This topic describes how to ship data from Log Service to OSS and store the data in the JSON format.

You can set the storage format of data that is shipped to OSS. The following table shows how to set the storage format to JSON. For more information, see Configure a data shipping rule.

Compressed File extension Example Description
No N/A oss://oss-shipper-shenzhen/ecs_test/2016/01/26/20/54_1453812893059571256_937 You can download the raw JSON object to the local host and open the object as a text file. The following example is a sample file:
{"__time__":1453809242,"__topic__":"","__source__":"10.170. ***.***","ip":"10.200. **.***","time":"26/Jan/2016:19:54:02 +0800","url":"POST
              /PutData? Category=YunOsAccountOpLog&AccessKeyId=<yourAccessKeyId>&Date=Fri%2C%2028%20Jun%202013%2006%3A53%3A30%20GMT&Topic=raw&Signature=<yourSignature>
snappy .snappy oss://oss-shipper-shenzhen/ecs_test/2016/01/26/20/54_1453812893059571256_937.snappy For more information about the Snappy utility, see Snappy compression.