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Billing example

Last Updated: Jan 30, 2018

A user in California activates Table Store and creates a high-performance instance. The table data on the instance has a consistent read volume of around 10,000 read queries per second (QPS) per day, and the accessed data does not exceed 4 KB (equivalent to 1 CU). The user wants to know how the table is calculated on a daily basis. The calculated daily billing amount of the table is detailed in the following example.

Note: In the following example, the unit prices were the actual prices on April 1, 2017. For the latest Table Store unit prices, see Pricing.

Billing item Unit price
Additional read throughput USD 0.0030/10,000 CU

The calculated daily bill:

10000 * 86400/10000 * 0.0030 = USD 259.20

Note: Additional read/write throughput is billed based on the sum of additional CUs consumed. The number of CUs consumed per day is 10000 x 86400 = 864 million CUs.

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