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Last Updated: Jan 16, 2018

Based on different groups, the monitoring dashboard displays the overall metrics related to provided services, service consumption, and infrastructure monitoring using charts.

  • Service provided: Displays information about RPC services and HTTP services provided by the application.

  • Service consumption: Displays the database access metrics.

  • Infrastrucure monitoring: Displays the metrics about CPU, load, memory, disk, and network.

Follow these steps to view the monitoring dashboard.

  1. Log on to the EDAS console.

  2. Click Applications on the left-side menu bar.

  3. In the application list, click the application name which you want to view information about.

  4. On the application details page, select Application Monitoring > Dashboard from the left-side menu bar.

    The page shows information about the service provided, service consumption and infrastructure monitoring.

    • Hover the mouse over a point on an abscissa of a monitoring chart to view the information and status data at a specific time point.

    • Click a project name, “RPC Service” for example, at the top of a monitoring chart to switch to the service monitoring page and view details. For details about the monitoring parameters, see Application monitoring overview.