DescribeStream obtains information about the shards of the current stream.

Request structure:

message DescribeStreamRequest {
    required string stream_id = 1;
    optional string inclusive_start_shard_id = 2;
    optional int32 shard_limit = 3;
  • Type: required string

  • The ID of the current stream.

  • Type: required string

  • The ID of the start shard in a query.

  • Type: required string

  • The upper limit of the returned shard quantity in a single query.

Response message structure:

message DescribeStreamResponse {
    required string stream_id = 1;
    required int32 expiration_time = 2;
    required string table_name = 3;
    required int64 creation_time = 4;
    required StreamStatus stream_status = 5;
    repeated StreamShard shards = 6;
    optional string next_shard_id = 7;

message StreamShard {
    required string shard_id = 1;
    optional string parent_id = 2;
    optional string parent_sibling_id = 3;
  • Type: required string

  • The ID of the current stream.

  • Type: required int32

  • The expiration time of the stream.

  • Type: required string

  • The name of the table for which the current stream is enabled.

  • Type: required int32

  • The time when the current stream is enabled.

  • Type: required StreamStatus

  • The status of the current stream, which can be enabling or active.

  • Type: required StreamShard

  • The information about the streamShard, including the shard ID, parent shard ID, and information about the neighbor shard of the parent shard (applicable when the parent shard is merged).

  • Type: optional string

  • The start ID of the next shard in a paging query.


Data reading for the parent shard must be completed before data of the current shard is read.