On the Instances page, select a region and then you can view all the created SLB instances in the selected region. Additionally, you can:

  • Modify the name of an SLB instance

    Hover the mouse cursor to the instance ID, click the displayed pencil icon and enter the instance name.

  • Stop an SLB instance

    Select a running SLB instance, click Stop at the bottom of the page, or click More > Stop.

  • Start an SLB instance

    Select a stopped SLB instance, click Start at the bottom of the page, or click More > Start.

  • Release an SLB instance

    Select an SLB instance, and then click Release at the bottom of the page, or click More > Release. In the Release dialog box, choose whether to release the instance immediately or release the instance at a specified time.

  • Set a tag

    You can categorize and manage instances in a unified manner through tags. For more information, see Manage tags.

  • Change the instance configuration

    Click More > Change Configuration to change the instance type.

  • View instance details

    Click the instance ID or click Manage to view the detailed information of the SLB instance.

    • On the details page, you can click Billing Details to view the detailed charges of the selected SLB instance.

    • Click Listeners to create and view listeners. For more information, see Listener overview.
    • Click Servers to add and view backend servers. For more information, see Backend servers.
    • Click Monitor to view the monitor information and set the alarm. For more information, see View monitoring data.