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Marketplace images FAQ

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2017

1. What features do marketplace images offer?

The images provided in the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace include a variety of pre-installed software and features, such as PHP/.NET/JAVA/LAMP environments, various control panels, and website building tools. Using market images together with ECS instances, you can quickly deploy operating environment or software applications on ECS instances, and you do not need to worry about the difficulty of migrating businesses onto the cloud.

2. What convenience can marketplace images bring to you?

In the past, you had to configure the environment and install the software on your own after enabling the ECS, which was cumbersome and time-consuming. Now, thanks to marketplace images, you can use the pre-installed system environment or software with one-click deployment to activate an ECS instance, create a ready-to-run environment, and easily build and manage your site.

3. What server environments and application scenarios do market images currently provide?

The image marketplace provides a wide variety of high-quality images provided by Alibaba Cloud’s third-party partners. They cover the deployment of PHP, .NET, JAVA, LAMP, Docker virtual containers, and other operating environments, and meet the personalized demands for website building, application development, and visual management.

4. Are market images secure enough to use?

The third-party providers of marketplace images have a wealth of experience in system maintenance and environmental configuration. All images are made based on the official operating system provided by Alibaba Cloud that is installed with Alibaba Cloud Security, and have passed strict security reviews. Feel free to use them.

5. Can I change a market image even though I am using it?

Yes, you can change the image in use. You can change the image on an ECS instance by changing the system disk. Please note that replacement of an image may cause data loss of the system disk, so you must back up data data before confirming the replacement.

6. How can I get help if I have problems during installing or using a marketplace image?

Please contact the provider of the marketplace image. For the contact information, see the Support Details on the image details page.