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Last Updated: Apr 16, 2019


ApsaraVideo Upload SDK is an important function for Alibaba Cloud end-to-end services. You can use ApsaraVideo Upload SDK to upload files more easily, including images, videos, and audio files. This SDK is supported on multiple platforms, including Web interfaces (JavaScript), mobile clients (Android and iOS), and servers (JAVA). It allows you to upload files by calling an Open API or directly upload the files through the Alibaba Cloud console.


Function Description
Multi-file upload Multiple files can be uploaded at a time. The file management function supports operations including file adding, deletion, cancellation, restoration, retrieving, and clearing. The upload control function supports operations including start, stop, pause, and resume.
Short video upload (images + videos) File management is not required. You just need to deliver the addresses of the images or videos and set the callback to upload the images or videos.
Upload multiple files to OSS You can directly upload files to OSS. Multi-file upload and resumable upload are supported.
Resumable upload ApsaraVideo Upload SDK automatically performs resumable upload and you do not need to worry about the break point and segment restoration. If the video upload fails due to an exception, the upload is resumed from the break point.


  • You can upload video, audio, and image files.
  • The extension of the files to be uploaded must meet the following requirements:

    • Video: 3gp, asf, avi, dat, dv, flv, f4v, gif, m2t, m3u8, m4v, mj2, mjpeg, mkv, mov, mp4, mpe, mpg, mpeg, mts, ogg, qt, rm, rmvb, swf, ts, vob, wmv, and webm
    • Audio: aac, ac3, acm, amr, ape, caf, flac, m4a, mp3, ra, wav, and wma
    • Image: png, jpg, and jpeg
    1. Note: Currently, you can upload a short video without transcoding it. If you select No Transcoding (distribution is accelerated directly after uploading), you can only upload MP4 and FLV video files to ensure that source files can be played by default after distribution.
  • Multi-fragment upload and status

    The SDK uses the multi-fragment upload mode, in which the status is valid only for one execution. If the app exits due to a specific reason (for example, shutdown, closing the browser page, closing the app, or abnormal app exit), the file must be uploaded again.

  • Switching between a 3G/4G network and a Wi-Fi network on the mobile client.

    To avoid traffic waste on 3G/4G networks, when the app switches to a 3G/4G network, it must automatically detect the network and call pause to pause uploading. After the app detects that a Wi-Fi network is used, it calls resume to resume uploading.

  • The SDKs for the following platforms are provided:

    • HTML5: It can be integrated into PC Web browsers. The development language is JavaScript.

    • iOS: The SDK can be integrated into iOS apps. The development language is Object-C.

    • Android: The SDK can be integrated into Android apps. The development language is Java.