Query the status of the CloudMonitor agent in batches.

Request Parameters

Name Type Required or not Description
Action String Yes The API name specified by the system.  Value: NodeStatusList
InstanceIds String Yes Instance ID. for example, i-22jja5c2l. Multiple IDs are separated by commas

Response parameter

Name Type Description
Error code Integer Error code. The value 200 indicates that request is successful, and a non-200 value indicates request failure
ErrorMessage String Error message
Success String Whether the operation is successful, which is equivalent to errorCode200
RequestId String Unique request ID used to locate error
NodeStatusList NodeStatus Array List of node status
NodeStatus model
Name Type Description
InstanceId String Instance ID
status String See NodeStatus Agent running status
autoInstall Boolean Whether to enable auto installation using installation APIs


Request example
&InstanceIds= i-abcdefgh123456%2C i-abcdefgh123457
&<Common Request Parameters>

Response example

  • XML format
          <InstanceId> i-abcdefgh123456</InstanceId>
          <InstanceId> i-abcdefgh123457</InstanceId>
  • JSON format
        "NodeStatusList": {
            "NodeStatus": [
                    "InstanceId": " i-abcdefgh123456", 
                    "AutoInstall": true
                    "Status": "uninstalled", 
                    "InstanceId": " i-abcdefgh123457", 
                    "AutoInstall": true
        "ErrorCode": 200, 
        "Success": true