Call APIs to install the CloudMonitor agent on a specified ECS instance. For details, see Agent introduction.

  • Before using the API, make sure that the Server Guard (Server Security) agent has been installed on your instance. The Server Guard agent is currently integrated into security images. It is installed by default on purchased ECS instances. You can log on to the Server Guard console to view the running status of each server.
  • The success rate of installing the CloudMonitor agent by using the APIs is about 95%. If installation fails, log on to the instance to install the agent manually. For details, see Install CloudMonitor agent.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
Action String Yes Required parameter. Value: NodeInstall.
UserId String Yes Alibaba Cloud account ID.
InstanceId String Yes Instance ID, for example, i-22jja5c2l.
Force Boolean No Whether to install the CloudMonitor agent forcibly. If the agent has been installed, the default value indicates forced installation.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
Success Boolean Indicates whether the request is successful.
Error code Integer Request failure status code. The value 200 indicates that the request is successful, and a non-200 value indicates that the request fails.
RequestId String Requested UUID, which is used for log query.
ErrorMessage String Request failure prompt message.


Request example
&InstanceId= i-abcdefgh123456
&UserId= 1234567898765432
&<Common Request Parameters>

Response example

  • XML format
  • JSON format
        "ErrorCode": 200, 
        "Success": true