Disable an alert policy. Disable an alarm rule. After an alarm rule is disabled, the monitoring metrics of the associated instances are no longer detected.

Request Parameters

Name Type Required or not Description
Action String Yes The parameter specified by the system. Value: DisableAlarm
Id String Required  Alarm rule ID

Response parameters

Name Type Description
Success Boolean Whether the request is successful
RequestId String Requested UUID, which is used for log query
Code String Request failure status code. The value 200 indicates that the request is successful, and a non-200 value indicates that the request fails
Message String Request failure prompt message


Request example
&<Common Request Parameters>

Response example

  • XML format
  • JSON format
        "RequestId": "DEF01F10-E747-42FE-9152-85CB43B1B552", 
        "Success": true, 
        "Code": "200"