Delete an existing alert policy.

Request Parameters

Parameter Type Required or not Description
Action String Yes System-defined parameters, value: DeleteAlarm
Id String Mandatory ID of the alarm rule

Response parameters

Name Type Description
Data String Returned alarm rule ID
Success Boolean Was the request successful?
RequestId String Requested UUID, easy to query log
Code String Request failed status code, 200 is successful, non-200 is failed
Message String Request failed prompt information

Error codes

Error code Description Meaning
400 Bad Request Syntax error in client request
403 Forbidden No permission
404 Not Found Client error, not found
500 Internal Server Error Server error
200 OK Normal


Request example

Response example
  • XML format
  • JSON format
        "RequestId": " A9371CD8-369D-49FA-BED9-35050A0DC6A2", 
        "Success": true, 
        "Code": "200"