Some users may fail to notice specific restrictions and find the service has stopped.  The restrictions for MaxCompute SQL include the following:
Boundry name Maximum value/Restriction Class Description
Length of table name 128 bytes Length limit Table names and column names cannot contain special characters. They can contain only English letters (a-z, A-Z), numbers, and underscores (_), and must start with a letter.
Annotation length 1,024 bytes Length limit The annotation can contain valid strings of up to 1,024 bytes.
Column definitions 1,200  Quantity limit  One table can contain 1,200 column definitions at most.
Partitions  60,000  Quantity limit One table can contain a maximum of 60,000 partitions.
Partition levels of a table 6 levels  Quantity limit  A table can contain a maximum of six levels of partition.
Statistical definitions 100  Quantity limit One table can contain a maximum of 100 statistical definitions.
Statistical definitions  64,000 Length limit A statistical definition can contain a maximum of 64,000 bytes.
Screen display 10,000 rows  Quantity limit The screen display of a SELECT statement outputs a maximum of 10,000 rows.
INSERT targets 256 Quantity limit A multiins operation can insert a maximum of 256 targets at a time.
UNION ALL 256 Quantity limit The UNION ALL operation can be performed on a maximum of 256 tables.
MAPJOIN   Eight small tables Quantity limit A MAPJOIN operation can be performed on a maximum of eight small tables.
MAPJOIN memory restriction 512 MB Quantity limit The memory size of all small tables on which MAPJOIN operation is performed cannot exceed 512 MB.
Window functions Five Quantity limit A SELECT statement can contain a maximum of five window functions.
ptinsubq   1,000 rows Quantity limit The results returned by PT IN SUBQUERY cannot exceed 1,000 rows.
SQL statement  2 MB Length limit The maximum length of an SQL statement is 2 MB.
Number of conditions for a where clause 256 Quantity limit A where clause can use a maximum of 256 conditions.
Length of column records 8 MB Quantity limit The maximum length of a cell in tables is 8 MB.
Number of parameters of an in statement 1,024 Quantity limit Specifies the maximum number of parameters of an in statement, for example, in  (1,2,3….,1024).  An excess of parameters of in(…) results  in compilation pressure. 1,024 is a recommended value, not a limit value.
jobconf.json 1 MB Length limit The size of ‘jobconf.json’ is 1 MB. Including too many partitions in a table may cause ‘jobconf.json’ to exceed 1 MB.
View Not writable Operation restriction A view cannot be written or operated using an insert statement.
Column data type Not allowed Operation limit The data type and position of a column cannot be modified.
java udf function Cannot be abstract or static Operation limit A Java UDF cannot be abstract or static.
A maximum of 10,000 partitions can be queried. 10,000 Quantity limit A maximum of 10,000 partitions can be queried.
The restrictions of MaxCompute SQL cannot be manually modified or configured.