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Last Updated: Mar 20, 2018

In the preceding examples, you have learned the basic concepts of Function Compute. With the powerful command line tool, you can quickly complete a Web server sample program that features high availability and real-time auto scaling.

Function Compute has the following advantages:

  • High development efficiency. Function Compute helps you focus on development of the service logic and quickly build a low-cost, high-availability, and automatically scalable system.
  • Real-time auto scaling. Function Compute helps you shift load and reduce cost, which is applicable to business scenarios with obvious traffic peaks and troughs.
  • Low O&M cost. You do not need to manage and maintain equipment and other infrastructure, greatly reducing the deployment and maintenance difficulties.

The following table lists resources that can help you explore Function Compute. Welcome to the serverless computing world.

Resource Description
Developer guide Describes the core concepts, functions, and operation procedures of Alibaba Cloud Function Compute. This document also uses examples to describe how to perform development using the API and SDK.
Developer forum A community-based forum consisting of developers, where you can discuss and learn about technical issues related to Alibaba Cloud Function Compute.