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How to use Function Compute

Last Updated: Apr 10, 2018

Function Compute is an event-driven and fully-hosted computing service. You can compile and upload codes to Function Compute, and then trigger function execution using the SDK or RESTful API. You can also trigger function execution using cloud product events, for example, the ObjectCreated or ObjectRemoved event of OSS. Function Compute is interconnected with multiple cloud products, such as OSS, Log Service, API Gateway, and Table Store.

The following figure shows how to use Function Compute:


① Compile the code. The currently supported languages include Java, Node.js, and Python. For more information, click here.

② Upload the code to Function Compute. You can upload the code using the API or SDK, through the console, or using the command line tool fcli.

③ Trigger the execution of Function Compute using the API or SDK or through cloud product event sources.

④ In the execution process, Function Compute is dynamically resized based on the user requests to guarantee execution in case of the request peak. This process is transparent to users.

⑤ After function execution ends, you can view the bill to check the execution fee. The execution is billed in Pay-As-You-Go mode based on the actual execution duration of the function. The billing granularity is accurate to 100 ms. For more information, see Billing items.