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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2017

The Advantages of Message Service comparing with Self-Build Queue Service:

Key Advantages Using Message Service Using Self-Build Queue Service
Easy-to-Use Need zero cluster and zero operations;
Fruitful SDKs for most popular programming languages.
Need cluster,high cost at start time;
Need operations and cost increase while business growing up;
Private protocol instead of Standard HTTP REST API.
Stability Store 3 copies for messages, data security is 99.99999999%;
Service availability is 99.9%;
Ensurance for delivery message successfully at once;
Message is stored on single or two machines;
Small cluster without high availability;
Security Professional protection in different levels to prevent from attacks such as DDOS;
Isolation and dedicated namespace for multiple users;
Support Main-Sub accounts for authorization and authentication;
Support HTTPS and VPC;
Nearly no security strategies;
Scalability The count of queue and the storage of message are not limited;
Auto scale up transparent to users;
Deployed worldwide(13 regions now);
Limited by count of queue, count of messages due to storage limitation;
Limited by region; Not scale up.

Other Advantages:

High Performance Price Ratio

  • Low price with high performance;
  • Discount while buying the resource package;

Professional Technique Support

  • 24/7 technique support for worksheet;
  • One-to-One technique support service on demand(In China Area);
  • One-to-One technique support IM (Worldwide);
  • Product forum for questions(forum link).