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Last Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Flexible and easy to use

VoD provides supports for all video on-demand scenarios. It provides an easy-to-use console, various SDKs, and an open API. VoD also supports customized development.

This service is billed based on actual usage. It supports auto scaling and does not incur any maintenance costs. You can stay focused on your business logic implementation and end user experience improvement.

Advanced transcoding technology

Narrowband HDTM and H.265 technology provides adaptive transcoding to output videos with better picture quality and lower bit rates.

The high-speed and stable parallel transcoding system allows for seamless scaling of transcoding jobs. This guarantees high quality and high efficiency.

Excellent playback experience

Video streams can be played at different bit rates and definitions and in different formats.

The video distribution network is built across ISPs and regions for smoother and more stable VoD services.

Multiple video functions

You can rapidly integrate short video recording and editing functions. By combining modules, VoD supports multiple definitions and custom UI.

VoD also supports real-time filters, face stickers, and other popular video editing features.

Multi-level service protection

The highly-reliable cloud storage service provides permanent and secure storage for high volumes of audio and video resources.

You can customize the anti-leech and playback authentication functions to guarantee the security and reliability of media resources.

The monitoring and service systems provide 24/7 support for VoD services.