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Streaming notification URL

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2018

Function overview

Streaming notification URL or callback URL, is mainly used to call back stream-status real-time information and promptly notify users about the video streaming results.

You can add a callback URL of your background server in the console to Alibaba Cloud, so that when the stream status changes, Alibaba Cloud can send a GET request to your server using the HTTP interface and send the real-time feedback on whether the video streaming suceeds or fails.


  • Principle: The real-time stream status feedback is implemented through GET requests sent to the user’s server through the HTTP interface . The user server returns 200 responses to the interface. You do not have to identify the URL if normal access is allowed. The following requirements are imposed on the URL responses: In case of access time-out, the URL can be retried. The current time-out duration is 5 seconds, the number of retries is 5, and the interval is 1 second.

  • It supports the HTTPS address authorized by the certificate authority.


  1. Log on to the ApsaraVideo Live console.

  2. Click Domains.

  3. Select the region.

  4. Select the domain name and click Detail at the right side.


  5. In Base Information > Center streaming information, set the Center streaming notify URL.


  1. https://live.aliyunlive.com/pub? action=publish & app=xc.cdnpe.com & appname=test01 & id=test01 & ip= & node=cdnvideocenter010207116011.cm3

Configuration in the console is supported, and is optional.

Parameters Value description
time Unix timestamp.
usrargs Streaming parameters.
action Publish indicates push streaming, and publish_done indicates completion of push streaming.
app The default value is the custom streaming domain name. If no streaming domain name is bound, it is the playback domain name.
appname Application name.
id Stream name.
Note: You must convert Stream name to lowercase.
node The name of the node or machine in the CDN that receives the stream.
IP IP address of the client that pushes the stream.
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