This topic describes how to troubleshoot the issues where no data is displayed in the Logtail collection log preview page after you configure Logtail in the log service console.


Perform the following steps:

Check whether the Logtail heartbeat of the machine group is normal

  • Check the heartbeat status Machine Group Logtail in the log service console. For more information, see check status.
  • If the heartbeat status is normal, follow these steps. If the heartbeat status is abnormal, you need to conduct further troubleshooting. For more information, see Logtail machine without heartbeat.

Check whether a Logtail collection configuration is created

If the heartbeat status of Logtail is OK, check whether the Logtail configuration is created. Make sure that the path and name of monitored logs match the files that are stored on the server. The path can be a full path or a path that includes wildcards.

View Logtail configuration has been applied to Machine Group

See the Logtail Machine Group to check whether the target configuration has been applied to the Machine Group.

View collection error

If Logtail is configured correctly, check whether new logs are generated in real time. Logtail only collects incremental log data. Logtail does not read log files in which no log is generated. If a log file is updated but the updates cannot be queried in log service, you can identify the reasons of the problem using the following methods:

  • What can I do if I fail to upload logs?

    Collect Logtail errors and handle them according to the error types prompted by Logtail. For more information, see.

  • View logs of the Logtail client

    Client logs include key information and all WARNING and ERROR logs. To view complete error information in real time, check the following client logs:

    • Linux: /usr/local/ilogtail/ilogtail.LOG
      Note: logs of input sources such as HTTP, MySQL Binlog, and MySQL Query results are stored in logs.
    • Windows x64 bit operating system: C:\Program Files (x86)\Alibaba\Logtail\logtail_*.log
    • Windows x32 Bit Operating system: C:\Program Files\Alibaba\Logtail\logtail_*.log
  • Check whether the log volume exceeds the limit.

    To collect large volumes of logs or files, you can modify the Logtail startup parameters for higher log collection throughput. For more information, see See configure startup parameters.

    Note: if the problem still persists after the preceding three steps, you can submit a ticket to contact Alibaba Cloud technical support and provide relevant information.

Application scope

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