Data Transfer Plan Instructions

Last Updated: Mar 09, 2017

1. Data Transfer Plan Deduction Rules

The data transfer plan is valid for 1 month. Data transfer of your ECS/EIP/Server Load Balancer instances will be deducted from your valid data transfer plan first. Any data transfers beyond your data transfer plan will be charged as per that regions data transfer rate.

2. Applicable Products

Elastic Compute Service - ECS, Server Load Balancer - SLB, Elastic IP - EIP

3. Pricing of Data Transfer beyond the Data Transfer Plan

ECS Network Fees: ECS Pricing
SLB Network Fees: SLB Pricing
EIP Network Fees:
China Mainland US$0.125/GB
Hongkong US$0.156/GB
Singapore US$0.117/GB
US East/US West US$0.078/GB
EU Central US$0.07/GB
Australia US$0.13/GB
Japan US$0.12/GB
Middle East US$0.447/GB

4. Relationship between Area and Data Center

China Mainland: Beijing, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Zhangjiakou
Hong Kong: Hong Kong
Overseas: EU Central, US East, US West, Australia, Singapore (Japan and Middle East not included)

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