ALIYUN::REDIS::Instance is used to create an ApsaraDB for Redis instance.


  "Type": "ALIYUN::REDIS::Instance",
  "Properties": {
    "VpcId": String,
    "EvictionPolicy": String,
    "ZoneId": String,
    "InstanceClass": String,
    "VSwitchId": String,
    "EngineVersion": String,
    "Password": String,
    "InstanceName": String


Name Type Required Editable Description Validity
EngineVersion String No No The database version of the instance. Default value: 2.8. Valid values: 2.8, 4.0, and 5.0.
InstanceClass String No No The type of the instance.

Capacity: 1 GB. Type: redis.master.small.default.

Capacity: 2 GB. Type: redis.master.mid.default.

Capacity: 4 GB. Type: redis.master.stand.default.

Capacity: 8 GB. Type: redis.master.large.default.

Capacity: 16 GB. Type: redis.master.2xlarge.default.

Capacity: 32 GB. Type: redis.master.4xlarge.default.

Capacity: 64 GB. Type: redis.master.8xlarge.default.

Capacity: 128 GB. Type: redis.sharding.2xlarge.default.

Capacity: 256 GB. Type: redis.sharding.4xlarge.default.

VpcId String No No The ID of the VPC. None
EvictionPolicy String No No The data eviction policy. Valid values: noeviction, allkeys-lru, volatile-lru, allkeys-random, volatile-random, and volatile-ttl.
ZoneId String No No The ID of the zone where the instance resides. None
VSwitchId String No No The ID of the VSwitch that is connected to the specified VPC. None
Password String No No The password used to log on to the instance. The password must be 8 to 30 characters in length and must contain uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and digits.
InstanceName String No No The name of the instance. The name must be 2 to 128 characters in length and can contain letters, digits, underscores (_), hyphens (-), and periods (.).

Response parameters


  • InstanceId: the ID of the created instance.
  • OrderId: the order ID of the instance.
  • ConnectionDomain: the domain name used to connect to the instance.
  • Port: the port used to connect to the instance.


  "ROSTemplateFormatVersion": "2015-09-01",
  "Resources": {
    '"CreateInstance": {
      "Type": "ALIYUN::REDIS::Instance",
      "Properties": {
        "InstanceName": "createdByHeat",
        "Password": "1234****",
        "ZoneId": "cn-beijing-a",
        "InstanceClass": "redis.master.small.default",
        "EvictionPolicy": "noeviction",
  "Outputs": {
    "InstanceDetails": {
         "Value": {"Fn::GetAtt": ["CreateInstance", "InstanceId"]}