If your source IP is disclosed already, we recommend that you use the IP we provide to you, which can prevent hackers from directly attacking the origin. You can change the backend ECS IP address for up to 10 times in the Anti-DDoS Pro console.


  1. Log on to the Anti-DDoS Pro console.
  2. Go to the Access > Web Service page, and then click Change ECS IP.
    Notice This operation temporarily interrupts your ECS service for a few minutes. We recommend that you back up your data first.
  3. You must stop the ECS instance to change its IP. If the target instance is already stopped, go to step 4. Otherwise, click go to ECS in the Change ECS IP dialog box. In the ECS console, stop the target ECS.
    1. Locate the target ECS from the Instance List, and then click its Instance ID.
    2. On the Instance Details page, click Stop.
    3. Select a stop method, and then click OK.
      Note You will be required to enter a cellphone verification code to stop the instance.
    4. Wait until the status of the target instance becomes Stopped.
  4. Return to the Change ECS IP dialog box, enter the target ECS Instance ID, and then click Next.
  5. Confirm that the target ECS instance information is correct (especially the ECS IP), select whether to restart the ECS after the IP is changed, and then click Release IP.
  6. After the previous IP is released, click Next to assign a new IP to the instance.
  7. After the IP is changed, click OK.
    Note Once you change the ECS IP, enable Anti-DDoS Pro for the new IP. Make sure that you do not expose it.