Before developing MaxCompute Script, you need to create a MaxCompute Script module in either of the following scenarios:

No script file exists locally

If no script file exists locally, you can use Intellij IDEA to create a new module.

  1. Open or create a MaxCompute Studio project. This article uses creating a project as an example. Click File in the menu and select New > Project . as shown in the following figure.

  2. Select MaxCompute Studio on the left-side navigation pane, and click Next.

  3. Enter the project name, and click Finish.


    If a project has been opened before, a dialog box appears, prompting whether to open the new project in the existing window (closing the previous project). Click This Window.

  4. After the project is created, the page shown in the following figure appears. You can develop SQL scripts in the project.

Script files exist locally

If many scripts have been stored in a local folder, MaxCompute Studio is used to edit the scripts. You can open a module directly.

  1. Create a connection configuration file odps_config.inifor MaxCompute in the scripts folder, and configure authentication information for connecting to MaxCompute.

    • project_name=xxxxxxxx
    • access_id=xxxxxxxxxx
    • access_key=xxxxxxxxx
    • end_point=xxxxxxxxx

  2. Open IntelliJ IDEA, select File > > Open, and select the scripts folder.

  3. MaxCompute Studio detects whether the odps_config.ini file exists in the folder, captures metadata on the server based on the configuration information in the file, and compiles all scripts in the folder.