SingleColumnValueFilter specifies a single condition, for example, column_a > 5. It is applicable to the ConditionUpdate and Filter functions.

Data structure

message SingleColumnValueFilter {
    required ComparatorType comparator = 1;
    required string column_name = 2;
    required bytes column_value = 3;
    required bool filter_if_missing = 4;
    required bool latest_version_only = 5; 
  • Type: String

  • The column name.

  • Type: Bytes

  • The value of the column after being encoded in Plainbuffer format.

  • Type: Bool

  • Determines whether the condition is filtered if the column of a row does not exist. For example, the condition is column_a > 0, and the value of filter_if_missing is true. If column_a does not exist for a row, the condition column_a > 0 is true.

  • Type: Bool

  • Determines whether the condition is valid only for the latest version. If the value is true, the value of the latest version is checked if it meets the condition. If the value is false, the values of all versions are checked if they meet the conditions.

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