This topic describes how to create a ga1 instance and the usage considerations.

Background information

ga1 is the visualization and compute optimized instance family with GPU capabilities. ga1 instances are equipped with AMD S7150 GPUs. Alibaba Cloud and AMD work together to optimize GPU drivers. You must use the following images with preinstalled drivers from Alibaba Cloud Marketplace:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 with an AMD GPU driver preinstalled
  • Windows Server 2016 English edition with an AMD GPU driver preinstalled
  • Ubuntu 16.04 with an AMD GPU driver and KDE preinstalled


Create a ga1 instance. For more information, see Create an ECS instance.

Configure parameters as follows:
  • Instance Type: Choose Heterogeneous Computing > Visualization Compute Optimized Type with GPU > GPU Rendering Type ga1.
  • Image: Select Marketplace Image and click Select from image market (including operating system).
    Note We recommend that you purchase or subscribe to the following images. You can query images from Purchased Images or Subscribed Images when you create an instance.
  • Network Type: Select VPC. Instances of GPU Rendering Type ga1 can only be created in VPCs.

Additional information

  • You can use the CloudMonitor console or call API operations to query GPU monitoring metrics. For more information, see GPU monitoring.
  • The driver used for ga1 instances is optimized by Alibaba Cloud and AMD. Currently, the driver is available only in images provided by Alibaba Cloud. You cannot download or install the driver separately.
  • If the GPU driver does not work due to improper removal of related components, you must replace the system disk to restore GPU-based functions. For more information, see Replace the system disk (public images).
    Warning The operation of replacing the system disk may cause data loss.
  • If the GPU driver does not work because an improper image is selected when you create an instance, you must replace the system disk to reselect an image with an AMD GPU driver preinstalled. For more information, see Replace the system disk (public images).
  • If Windows Device Manager prompts that the GPU driver does not load properly, right-click the GPU device name, select Update Driver Software, and then click Search automatically for updated driver software. After the device driver update is complete, restart Windows.
  • After the GPU driver is available in Windows, the Connect feature in the Alibaba Cloud Management console is disabled, and the VNC displays a black screen or remains locked on the startup page. You can use other methods such as Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to access the system.
  • RDP does not support applications such as DirectX and OpenGL. You must install the VNC and a client, or use other supported protocols such as PCoIP and XenDesktop HDX 3D.