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View monitoring job details

Last Updated: Jun 01, 2018

This topic explains how to view the monitoring job details, dataset details, and job running details.

In the left-side navigation pane of the console, choose Custom Monitoring > Jobs. On the displayed Instance List page, click View on the right of a monitoring job to view details of this job.

Job details include:

  • Dataset details
  • Job running details
  • Monitoring job details

You can view the job configuration, explore datasets, and perform job O&M from these dimensions.

Monitoring job details

Job-related configuration information is displayed, including the data source configuration, sample logs, log splitting model, dataset configuration, and alarm configuration.

Configuration is read-only.

Dataset details

All datasets under the job are displayed in the form of data charts.

NOTE: For each configured alarm, a dataset is generated accordingly.

A dataset is displayed in the form of a line chart by default.

Dataset Details

To explore the dataset, click the gear icon in the upper-right corner for configuration.

Configure Dataset Details

The following figure shows what it looks like after the configuration:

Sample Configuration

Job running details

The detailed running process of the job is displayed. Currently, the other three processes except data storage are monitored, as shown in the following figure:

ARMS Job Detail

Through data pulling, data splitting, and data aggregation charts, you can view the number of lines that are successfully processed per minute and the number of lines that fail to be processed per minute. The following figure shows the data splitting process.

Splitting error

The preceding figure shows that an error occurs during log splitting. Click the exclamation point in the upper right corner of the chart to show the error details.

Error Details