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Add a payment method

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Once you create an Alibaba Cloud account, system directs you to add a payment method.

You may add bank card, PayPal or Paytm as your payment method.(Paytm is the exclusive payment method for India customer.)

Add payment method - Bank Card

  1. Enter your bank card number, expiration date, security code, and card holder name (if your card is an enterprise bank card without card holder name, you may fill in your own name in the text box), and click Next.


  2. Confirm your billing address, and click Save the card.


    In order to verify your card, Alibaba Cloud will make 1.00 USD pre-authorization hold to your bank card and will cancel the pre-authorization hold soon after you added your card.

Add payment method - PayPal

  1. Click Next, and the system directs you to the website.


  2. Log on with your PayPal account, confirm the agreement and then add PayPal as your Alibaba Cloud payment method.PayPal2-Eng

Add payment method - Paytm

  1. Fill in your Paytm register phone number and click Send to get the verification code. Then enter the right verification code and click Add now, system will add Paytm as your Alibaba Cloud payment method.