1. Q: What are the scenarios for using HBase X-Pack?

    A: ApsaraDB for HBase X-Pack is a cost-effective and end-to-end data processing platform based on HBase and the HBase ecosystem. It implements streamlined data processing, storage, and analysis, and allows users to process data with the minimum cost. For more information, see HBase X-Pack overview.

  2. Q: What are the advantages of ApsaraDB for HBase compared with user-created HBase and EMR HBase?

    A: ApsaraDB for HBase provides cost-effective and end-to-end data processing capabilities. For more information, see Benefits.

  3. Q: How can I migrate an on-premises CDH/HDP or user-created CDH/HDP from ECS to ApsaraDB for HBase?

    A: ApsaraDB for HBase supports data migration without service downtime, which enables data migration without any negative impacts on your workloads. Components such as Hive and MR can be used for the data migration. 1. Use the Spark service in ApsaraDB for HBase to migrate data with higher efficiency and lower cost. 2. Use the Hive/MR services in EMR. ApsaraDB for HBase can be seamlessly connected to EMR.

  4. Q: Why does the purchase fail and the error message shows that the resource is out of usage?

    A: In most cases, this is because no resource is available. You need to wait until there are resources available and then try again. Typically, you need to wait about one day at maximum. In case of urgent need, please submit a ticket or contact the DingTalk group by searching for DingTalk group number 13094791239.

  5. Q: Why does not the corresponding cluster appear in the console after the purchase?

    A: The cluster is not displayed in the console when it is being created. It takes a few minutes to create the cluster. This issue will be fixed soon.

  6. Q: Why am I unable to connect to ApsaraDB for HBase after I configure the ZooKeeper (ZK) address?

    A: For more information, see Connectivity test.

  7. Q: Why do I fail to connect to the open source components after I create a new cluster?

    A: For security purposes, a newly created cluster cannot be accessed by default. For more information, see Access open source components..

  8. Q: What if the disk capacity I purchased for the ApsaraDB for HBase cluster is too small? Can I expand the disk later?

    A: You can expand the disk capacity directly in the console.

  9. Q: Can org. apache. hbase in the Community Edition be used as the hbase-client in the Maven dependency?

    A: Yes, the Community Edition V1.x can depend on the hbase-client V1.1.3 and the Community Edition V2.x can depend on the hbase-client V2.0.5.