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Differences between Table Store and HBase

Last Updated: Aug 25, 2018

This topic introduces features of Table Store HBase Client and explains restricted and supported functions when compared with HBase. Features are listed as follows.


As Table Store is a cloud service, to guarantee the optimal overall performance, some parameters are restricted and cannot be reconfigured. For more information about the restrictions, see Limits.


Table Store only supports single ColumnFamilies, that is, it does not support multi-ColumnFamilies.

Row and Cell

Table Store does not support:

  • ACL settings
  • Cell Visibility settings
  • Tag settings


Table Store only supports single ColumnFamilies. Therefore, it does not support ColumnFamily related APIs, including:

  • setColumnFamilyTimeRange(byte[] cf, long minStamp, long maxStamp)
  • setMaxResultsPerColumnFamily(int limit)
  • setRowOffsetPerColumnFamily(int offset)


Similar to GET, Table Store does not support ColumnFamily related APIs and cannot be used to set partial optimization APIs, including:

  • setBatch(int batch)
  • setMaxResultSize(long maxResultSize)
  • setAllowPartialResults(boolean allowPartialResults)
  • setLoadColumnFamiliesOnDemand(boolean value)
  • setSmall(boolean small)


Table Store does not support BatchCallback.

Mutations and Deletions

Table Store does not support deletion of:

  • The specified ColumnFamily
  • Versions with the latest timestamp
  • All versions earlier than the specified timestamp

Increment and Append

Table Store does not support Increment or Append features.


  • Table Store supports ColumnPaginationFilter.
  • Table Store supports FilterList.
  • Table Store partially supports SingleColumnValueFilter, and supports only BinaryComparator.
  • Table Store does not support other Filters.


Some of the HBase APIs involve access and storage optimization. These APIs are not opened currently:

  • blockcache: The default value is true, which cannot be modified.
  • blocksize: The default value is 64 KB, which cannot be modified.
  • IsolationLevel: The default value is READ_COMMITTED, which cannot be modified.
  • Consistency: The default value is STRONG, which cannot be modified.


The org.apache.hadoop.hbase.client.Admin APIs of HBase are used for management and control, most of which are not required in Table Store.

As Table Store is a cloud service, it automatically performs operations such as operation and maintenance, management, and control, which does not need to be concerned. Table Store currently does not support a few of APIs.


Table Store only supports single ColumnFamilies. Therefore, you can create only one ColumnFamily when creating a table. The ColumnFamily supports the MaxVersions and TimeToLive parameters.

Maintenance task

In Table Store, the following APIs related to task maintenance are automatically processed:

  • abort(String why, Throwable e)
  • balancer()
  • enableCatalogJanitor(boolean enable)
  • getMasterInfoPort()
  • isCatalogJanitorEnabled()
  • rollWALWriter(ServerName serverName)-runCatalogScan()
  • setBalancerRunning(boolean on, boolean synchronous)
  • updateConfiguration(ServerName serverName)
  • updateConfiguration()
  • stopMaster()
  • shutdown()


In Table Store, the instance name is similar to Namespaces in HBase. Therefore, it does not support Namespaces related APIs, including:

  • createNamespace(NamespaceDescriptor descriptor)
  • modifyNamespace(NamespaceDescriptor descriptor)
  • getNamespaceDescriptor(String name)
  • listNamespaceDescriptors()
  • listTableDescriptorsByNamespace(String name)
  • listTableNamesByNamespace(String name)
  • deleteNamespace(String name)


Table Store automatically performs Region related operations. Therefore, it does not support the following APIs:

  • assign(byte[] regionName)
  • closeRegion(byte[] regionname, String serverName)
  • closeRegion(ServerName sn, HRegionInfo hri)
  • closeRegion(String regionname, String serverName)
  • closeRegionWithEncodedRegionName(String encodedRegionName, String serverName)
  • compactRegion(byte[] regionName)
  • compactRegion(byte[] regionName, byte[] columnFamily)
  • compactRegionServer(ServerName sn, boolean major)
  • flushRegion(byte[] regionName)
  • getAlterStatus(byte[] tableName)
  • getAlterStatus(TableName tableName)
  • getCompactionStateForRegion(byte[] regionName)
  • getOnlineRegions(ServerName sn)
  • majorCompactRegion(byte[] regionName)
  • majorCompactRegion(byte[] regionName, byte[] columnFamily)
  • mergeRegions(byte[] encodedNameOfRegionA, byte[] encodedNameOfRegionB, boolean forcible)
  • move(byte[] encodedRegionName, byte[] destServerName)
  • offline(byte[] regionName)
  • splitRegion(byte[] regionName)
  • splitRegion(byte[] regionName, byte[] splitPoint)
  • stopRegionServer(String hostnamePort)
  • unassign(byte[] regionName, boolean force)


Table Store does not support Snapshots related APIs.


Table Store does not support Replication related APIs.


Table Store does not support Coprocessors related APIs.

Distributed procedures

Table Store does not support Distributed procedures related APIs.

Table management

Table Store automatically performs Table related operations, which does not need to be concerned. Therefore, Table Store does not support the following APIs:

  • compact(TableName tableName)
  • compact(TableName tableName, byte[] columnFamily)
  • flush(TableName tableName)
  • getCompactionState(TableName tableName)
  • majorCompact(TableName tableName)
  • majorCompact(TableName tableName, byte[] columnFamily)
  • modifyTable(TableName tableName, HTableDescriptor htd)
  • split(TableName tableName)
  • split(TableName tableName, byte[] splitPoint)
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