Organization management is a feature provided by Quick BI Pro and Quick BI Enterprise Standard that allows you to develop data collaboratively with other members in the organization. Quick BI Pro and Quick BI Enterprise Standard are officially released. Users can upgrade Quick BI Basic to a higher Quick BI version in the Quick BI console. The system automatically creates an organization for you after the upgrade.

What is an organization?

Generally, organizations refer to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), public institutions, schools, or departments of large companies.

If your organization values data security highly and data analysis needs to be performed collaboratively by more than 10 members, we recommend that you purchase Quick BI Pro. Quick BI Pro brings the following benefits:
  • Members have different access permissions to reports based on the departments that they belong to.
  • Members have different access permissions to a report based on their roles.

We recommend that you use Quick BI Basic if the number of users is fewer than 10.

Organization member management refers to adding Alibaba Cloud users that need to work collaboratively into the same organization.

Organization management includes:
  • Managing organizational information
  • Managing member information
  • Managing workspaces

Only administrators of an organization have permissions to manage the members of the organization. The creator of an organization is set as an administrator by default.

The roles of members in an organization include administrator and user.