For Quick BI Pro and Quick BI Enterprise Standard, you can use the organization management feature. You can use the organization management feature to collaboratively develop data.


Before you use Quick BI, add Alibaba Cloud accounts or RAM users to an organization. This secures data and helps users collaboratively develop data.
  • If you need 10 to 100 personnel to collaboratively analyze data, we recommend that you purchase Quick BI Pro. Quick BI Pro can meet the following requirements:
    • Members have access only to the reports that are associated with their departments.
    • Members of different roles have different levels of access to a report.
  • If more than 100 users need to use Quick BI, we recommend that you use Quick BI Enterprise Standard.

organization management

By default, the user that creates an organization is an organization administrator. Organization administrators consist of developers and analysts. Only organization administrators can access and manage organizations.

An organization administrator can perform the following operations:
  • Manage organizational information
  • Manage member information
  • Manage workspaces

The administrator of an organization can add RAM users to the organization. This allows the RAM users to analyze data in Quick BI.

Each member in an organization can be an administrator or a common member.