This topic describes the requirements for the runtime environment of the Push SDK demo for iOS. In addition, this topic also describes how to compile the demo and provides the directory structure of the demo.

Environment requirements

Item Requirement
iOS version iOS 8.0 or later
Phone model iPhone 5S or later
CPU architecture ARM64 or ARMv7
Integration tool Xcode 8.0 or later
bitcode Disabled

Run the demo

  1. Download the latest demo package by using the download link provided in the SDK download and release notes topic.
  2. Use Xcode to open the AlivcLivePusherDemo demo project. Open a project
  3. Run the demo project to test the features.
    Demo project 1Demo project 2

Enter a valid Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) URL for stream ingest in the field that is marked as 1 in the preceding figure. After the stream is ingested, you can use ApsaraVideo Player SDK, FFPlay, or VLC to play the stream.

Directory structure of the demo for iOS

Directory structure of the demo for iOS
The following table describes the files contained in the SDK folder.
File Description
  • AlivcLivePusher.framework
  • AlivcLibRtmp.framework
  • RtsSDK.framework
Push SDK
  • queen.framework
  • FaceDetection.framework
  • MNN.framework
  • Face3D.framework
  • opencv2.framework
  • pixelai.framework
Queen SDK
  • AliyunPlayer.framework
  • alivcffmpeg.framework
  • artcSource.framework
ApsaraVideo Player SDK