When using Logtail to collect logs, you may encounter errors, such as regular expression parsing failures, incorrect file paths, and traffic exceeding the Shard capacity. The log service console provides the diagnostic function, which diagnoses Logtail log collection errors. This topic describes how to view log collection errors in the log service console.


  1. Login log Service Console click the name of the Project.
  2. Select the target logstore and click diagnosis.
  3. On the log collection error page, you can view all Logtail log collection error messages of the Logstore. Error Type, view error details.
    Instructions for more information about error types, see log collection error types.
  4. To query the log collection error messages of a specified machine, perform the following steps:
    1. In log collection error. Page, enter the IP address of the specified machine in the search box to view all collection errors of the specified machine. Logtail reports errors every 5 minutes.
    2. After an error is rectified, you can check the error time statistics to determine whether the error is reported again after the service recovers. Historical errors are displayed before expiration. You can ignore these errors and check whether any new error is reported after the error is rectified.
      Instructions to view all the complete log lines discarded due to a parsing failure, log on to the server. /usr/local/ilogtail/ilogtail.LOG.


  • Log Service for WAF