Problem description

After you use Alibaba Cloud ApsaraVideo Live, the ApsaraVideo Live cannot be watched, and a 404 error is returned when you watch the video through the live stream URL.


After completing the configuration of the ApsaraVideo Live, the troubleshooting method for ApsaraVideo Live cannot be viewed is as follows:

  1. Check whether the URL stitching used for ApsaraVideo Live playback is correct.
    1. Check whether the ingest URL is used as the playback URL. If not, change the playback URL to the ingest URL and check whether it is normal again.
    2. Make sure that the streaming URL is valid and follows the concatenating format: The playback URL of a live broadcast is formed according to the live acceleration domain + AppName + StreamName. For more information, see Splicing rules.
  2. Check whether the domain name has been resolved to the Alibaba Cloud server. You can run the ping command to test the ApsaraVideo Live domain name and query whether the resolved CNAME takes effect.
    • If alikunlun*.com is returned, the CNAME takes effect.
    • If the CNAME does not take effect, perform the CNAME binding operation. For more information, see Configure CNAME resolution.
  3. Check the player.
    1. Enter the playback address in another third-party player to play, and eliminate the problem of the player itself.
    2. Check whether the problem is cross-domain by the player. You need to add a policy file when the player cross-domain access. For more information, see ApsaraVideo Live the video cannot be played after the ingest URL is generated.
  4. Check whether the playback format is supported.
    • Supported formats of Flash Player on PC: RTMP, FLV, and m3u8.
    • The H5 player on a mobile phone supports only the M3U8 format. All iOS devices support this format. Android devices later than 4.0 are compatible with the M3U8 format only when the mobile browser supports it.
  5. Check the authentication configuration.
    1. Check whether the key used for authentication is misspelled. For more information, see URL authentication.
    2. Check whether the request is sent before the validity period of the signed URL ends.
  6. Check the local network condition.
    Check whether the local network can access the Internet. You can run the ping command to test the network connection between the local network and the accelerated domain name.

Application scope

  • ApsaraVideo Live