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API overview

Last Updated: Feb 11, 2018

The following table lists NAT Gateway APIs. Detailed information for each API is included in the VPC API documentation. For more information, click here.

DescribeBandwidthPackages, ModifyBandwidthPackageSpec, AddBandwidthPackageIps, RemoveBandwidthPackageIps, and DeleteBandwidthPackage are only for users whose accounts have NAT bandwidth packages before 23:59, January 26, 2018. Users whose accounts have no NAT bandwidth packages before 23:59, January 26, 2018 must use EIPs. For more information, see Bind EIP to NAT Gateway.

NAT Gateway APIs

API Description
CreateNatGateway Create a NAT gateway.
DescribeNatGateways Query the list of NAT gateways.
DeleteNatGateway Delete a NAT gateway.
CreateForwardEntry Add a DNAT entry.
DeleteForwardEntry Delete a DNAT entry.
ModifyForwardEntry Modify a DNAT entry.
DescribeForwardTableEntries Query the list of the DNAT entries.
CreateSnatEntry Add an SNAT entry.
DeleteSnatEntry Delete an SNAT entry.
ModifySnatEntry Modify an SNAT entry.
DescribeSnatTableEntries Query the list of the SNAT entries.