Check the streaming URL

  • Obtain the streaming URL of the ingested stream.
    1. Log on to the ApsaraVideo Live console.
    2. Click Domains in the left-side navigation pane.
    3. On the Domains page, click Domain Settings in the Actions column of the target domain.
    4. On the domain configuration page, click the Streaming Information tab, where you can find streaming URLs of the domain.
  • Streaming URLs are constructed in the following format: DomainName+AppName+StreamName_Transcoding template name. For more information, see Ingest URL and streaming URL (Original) and Ingest URL and streaming URL (Encoding).

Check the CNAME record of a domain

You can ping a domain to check whether a canonical name (CNAME) record is assigned for the domain. For example, you can ping the alikunlun*.com domain to check whether the CNAME record is assigned. If the domain can be pinged, the CNAME record is valid. If the CNAME record takes effect, run the Add a CNAME record. For more information, see CNAME.