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Last Updated: Jul 11, 2018

For details about transcoding address splicing rules, see Transcoding address.


  1. Log on to the ApsaraVideo Live console.

  2. Click Domains.

  3. Select the region.

  4. Select the domain name and click Detail from the Actions column.


  5. Click Transcoding settings and click Create transcoding.


  6. Set the transcoding parameters and click OK.

    1. Enter the AppName.

      The transcoding template becomes effective only when the entered AppName matches that in the streaming address.


    2. Select the transcoding template name.

      Note: NarrowBand HD™ transcoding template contains four transcoding templates: LD, SD, HD, and UHD.

  7. Video playback.

    After the transcoding template is created, you can perform video streaming. Video transcodes automatically according to the transcoding template. The transcoded video can be previewed on the ApsaraVideo Live console.

    For more details about live video streaming, see Live streaming.

    1. Click Streams in the left-side navigation pane.

    2. Select the region.

    3. Select the domain name.

    4. Select the stream status from the drop-down list.

    5. Select the streaming address, and click Address from the Actions column.


      • The playback addresses of the transcoded video and original video are displayed in the address list.

      • Hover the cursor over an address, the Copy and Play link are displayed.

      • Click Copy > Confirm. To play the video, paste the address in the address field. You can also click Play to play the video in the dialog box of the web player.


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