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Apply for leased line access

Last Updated: Jan 08, 2018


A leased line is the abstraction of the network line established between an access point of Alibaba Cloud and an on-premises IDC. You can use a leased line provided by a carrier to connect an on-premises IDC to an access point of Alibaba Cloud to build physical connection.


  • Physical Connection does not support interfaces of SDH 155M CPOS, V.35 or G.703.

  • Alibaba Cloud provides one or more access points in each accessible region. Different access points have different carrier restrictions. Before applying for leased line access, open a ticket to obtain the access point and carrier restriction information.


  1. Log on to the Express Connect console.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, select Physical Connection > Leased Line.

  3. In the upper-right corner, click Apply for Leased Line Access.

  4. Configure the following information on the self application page:

    Configuration Description
    Leased Line Name Enter the name of the leased line.
    Access Point Select a region where your on-premises IDC is located. Access points refer to data centers of Alibaba Cloud in different regions. There is one or more access points in each region. Different access points have different locations and different access capabilities. Open a ticket to obtain access point information to select the optional access point.

    Select the carrier that provides the leased line for you.

    ap-cn-beijing-cp-A only supports China Telecom. ap-cn-beijing-dx-B only supports China Unicom.

    ap-cn-shanghai-bs-A, ap-cn-shanghai-pd-A, and ap-cn-shanghai-pd-B only support China Telecom, and ap-cn-shanghai-bs-B only supports China Unicom.

    ap-cn-shenzhen-lh-A only supports China Telecom.

    Open a ticket for detailed information.

    Access Port TypeSelect according to your actual needs.
    Bandwidth for AccessSelect according to your actual needs.
    Peer Address of Leased Line Enter the location of your on-premises IDC.
    Redundant Leased Line Select a previously applied leased line to form redundancy with the leased line.
  5. After you finish self application, the leased line status is Application in Progress. Alibaba Cloud will contact you to verify the application within two workdays.

  6. After the application is approved, the leased line status changes to Approved. Now click Pay Access Fee to complete the payment.

  7. After you make the payment, the leased line status changes to Allocating Resources. After another three minutes, the status of the leased line changes to Access Construction in Progress. Now click View on the right side to view information about leased line construction. Inform your carrier of the port information and ask the carrier to connect the leased line. After completing investigation, the carrier will provide you a file containing names of personnel dispatched to the data center of the access point and related information, time of on-site construction, leased line ID and so on. At this time, you need to Open a Ticket to inform Alibaba Cloud aftersales personnel of information about leased line laying by construction personnel of the carrier.

  8. After the construction is completed, the leased line status changes to Awaiting Confirmation. Click Confirm and the leased line status changes to Normal.

Note: After the leased line access is completed, the leased line status changes to Normal, and the connection is established. If the leased line status is Rejected, you need to apply again.

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