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Last Updated: Mar 30, 2018

DRDS provides the following benefits:

Distributed design

Adopts distributed read/write storage, which is not limited to a single server’s specifications and allows a limitless number of connections.


Supports data configuration upgrade and downgrade, with GUI-based storage scale-up and scale-out, and read/write splitting for linearly improving read performance.

High performance

Adopts the classic database/table sharding schemes that allow operations to focus on a small amount of data and provides various sharding modes for different types of data. The ability to concurrently execute SQL statements further improves the execution efficiency.


Offers a complete set of single-host-like MySQL accounts, open APIs that allow easy integration into the service management system.

Easy of use

Compatible with the MySQL protocol and most MySQL syntaxes, performs read/write splitting without interfering with applications, and provides comprehensive O&M and monitoring capabilities.

Proven performance

The DRDS performance has been proved by all events on the Alibaba Double Eleven Day, which marked the time when Alibaba Group started using DRDS.