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Application scenarios

Last Updated: Mar 31, 2018

This section describes the typical application scenarios of DRDS.

Highly concurrent real-time transactions

Customer-oriented industries like e-commerce, finance, O2O, and retail are facing challenges brought by a large user base, frequent sales events, and increasingly degraded responsiveness of databases for core transaction systems. These challenges restrict business development. DRDS provides linear and horizontal expansion to improve data processing capabilities and access efficiency in real time with a peak TPS of over 1.5 million, meeting the requirements of highly concurrent real-time transaction systems.

Massive data storage and access

As business develops rapidly, enterprise data grows dramatically, resulting in database capacity bottlenecks of a single host and restricts business development. DRDS linearly expands storage space and supports a single database cluster of more than 200 MySQL instances for PB-level storage. DRDS applies to various mass data storage and access scenarios such as industrial manufacturing, smart home, and the Internet of Vehicles.

Cost-effective database solutions

For government agencies, large enterprises, and banks, traditional business solutions depend on costly mid-range computers and high-end storage devices to support mass data storage and high concurrency. DRDS provides a cost-effective database solution based on common servers to deliver performance as powerful as the one that supports Alibaba’s “Double 11” shopping event.

Low database O&M costs

During the initial development phase of start-ups, databases are instable due to immature technical capability, limited capital investments, and rapid business development. Based on Alibaba’s accumulated years of experience with distributed databases, DRDS lower technical O&M costs of enterprises by providing an easy-to-use O&M system and reliable technical support.

Data backup

Enterprises can back up on-premise databases to DRDS to implemnet cloud disaster recovery.