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SDKs in other languages

Last Updated: Jun 06, 2019

If the Java, PHP (5.3+), and Python (2.7+) SDKs provided by us cannot meet the requirements of your development languages, refer to the call methods and API descriptions to build HTTP requests to call our services.

As there are a huge number of development languages and we cannot be familiar with or be proficient in all kinds of languages or maintain their SDKs, this chapter only collects the SDKs written by third-party developers. The SDKs include the methods to call the Content Security API, and they are for your reference only.

NOTE: The following SDKs are for reference only, and currently we are not responsible for the subsequent maintenance on them. If an error occurs, rectify it according to the call methods and API descriptions.

C#, C++, Nodejs, Python (3.5) and Go

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