The ALIYUN::MarketPlace::Image type is used to buy images from Marketplace.


    "Type" : "ALIYUN::MarketPlace::Image",
    "Properties" : {
         "Duration" : Integer,
         "Quantity" : Integer,
         "PricingCycle" : String,
         "ChargeType" : String,
         "ImageId" : String


Name Type Required Description Constraint
ImageId string Yes Marketplace image ID N/A
PricingCycle string No Unit of the payment cycle This parameter is ignored if ChargeType is Postpaid. If ChargeType is Prepaid, this parameter can be set to Month or Year.
ChargeType string No Payment options Value options: Prepaid and Postpaid. Default value: Prepaid.
Duration number No Payment duration Value options: 1, 2, 3, 6, 12, and 24. Default value: 1. This parameter is used with PricingCycle. Marketplace resources support the following payment cycles: one month, one quarter, half a year, one year, and two years. If PricingCycle is not specified, the resource is bought only once.
Quantity number No Quantity of resources to be purchased The default value is 1.

Response value


OrderId: ID of the marketplace image purchase order


  "ROSTemplateFormatVersion" : "2015-09-01",
  "Resources" : {
    "ImageOrder": {
      "Type": "ALIYUN::MarketPlace::Image",
      "Properties": {
        "PricingCycle": "Month",
        "Quantity": 2,
        "ChargeType": "Prepaid"